My Sponsor Says…

Email us with something awesome your sponsor says or said that saved your life, or that inspired you when you had no hope. Send it to Here’s the format:
“Insert Quote” – X years when they said it X years now. Nobody does that, tho, so just do whatever you want.
Here you go:

Sponsor: “Buy a black suit.” Me: “What for?” Sponsor: “Because if you
use again at least we’ll have something nice to bury you in.”

Me: “God will never give me any more than I can handle.” Sponsor: “If
that were true then you wouldn’t need God because you could handle it.”

Sponsor: “If God scares you out of here… don’t worry the dope-man
will scare you back in.”

Sponsor: “What part of don’t use did you not understand?”

Me: “But they told me not to judge anyone…” Sponsor: “You better be
judging in here. Not everybody is here for recovery. Stick with the

After I told my sponsor personal things I swore to myself I would take
to the grave. Sponsor: “Yeah, me too.”

i said, “i have a degree from NYU you know!” my sponsor said, “thermometers
have degrees too. you know where they stick THAT sometimes!”

“Sobriety is not for p*ssies.” – about 4 yrs when she said it, 20 something years now

“You don’t know diddly squat about what God wants for you.” – 18 yrs

“You’re not crazy. You are NOT crazy- you just have a very bad case of alcoholism.” – 7 yrs when she said it, 24 yrs now

In the here and now, there is neither fear, nor is there doubt.

When in doubt, trust God (period!)

You are never alone when you have a higher power

Clean time doesn’t equal recovery

Stick with the winners

Chase your recovery like you chased your drugs

The answer is in the steps

Give back what was so freely given to you

You must be totally honest with me and tell me when you think I’m full of shit. But… once you tell me I’m full of shit, you have to do what I do that makes you think I’m full of shit! … Deal? (How did I ever fall for that?!)

You never have to use again

You only are as sick as your secrets

When I was about 6 mo sober I went to my sponsor (who had 30 years at the time) whining that everyone was taking my inventory and saying bad things about me… He said “Well David if you were taking your own inventory no one else would see the need to take yours now would they?…” Im 7 years sober now.

Re: self importance/ego…he said” oh yeah, well if you died today, sport, more people would be happy than sad…so until that changes do what I tell you”.

“I hear you were getting’ hookers”

Regarding childhood stuff…a sponsor said, “everybody gets creamed”

Row, row, row YOUR boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream. Quit rowing other people’s boats…your boat is sinking!

Stop telling people I’m your sponsor till we get to step 12

It does say that in the book- read it again tonight and see

I don’t care how you feel I care what you do

This is what Muriel told me once “Helen, your solutions are worse than your problems.” go figure!

Said to me at 5 months sober: “Why are you settling for the same life in AA that you settled for before you got here? Do you worship God or do you worship being comfortable?”

“keep calling people until the feeling goes away.” 3 months when my sponsor said this to me, now one week away from 3 years.

“You can’t save your a** and your face at the same time. Period.”

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