1) Hey! Is this against the traditions?!
Nope. Call GSO if you’re really concerned… we did. We talked for over an hour. And, since this site has no affiliation with AA or any other A and is considered a public service/ entertainment site, it’s totally and completely in integrity. Thank God, because we really wanted to do this and we expect that it will continue to reach out with a positive message to people who are suffering inside and outside of the world of sobriety.

2) Why do you have a bag on your head?
It’s not because we’re ugly, if that’s what you’re thinking.
Two reasons: 1- we want to be anonymous. 2- here’s a definition of “baghead” that we think is nothing more than pure coincidence: IbagI-IhedI
another word for a person who is on smack or other class A drugs; they are addicted drug addicts hey look, theres a baghead lets fuck him up

And, that’s it for the FAQ’s…
(If you have a question, feel free to email us at baghead@bagheadsponsor.com)

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