“a vast communications net now covers the earth, even to its remotest reaches… nothing matters more to AA’s future welfare than the manner in which we use the colossus of modern communication. used unselfishly and well, it can produce results surpassing our present imagination.”
Bill W., The AA Grapevine, Inc., November 1960

THIS IS NOT AA or NA or any of the As.

THE ESSENTIALS: 1) hey, don’t rip us off. 2) this site may not be for you. you may even find it offensive. that is NOT our intent. if you do find the material on this site offensive, or if it’s just not for you, we encourage you to go visit some other sites including and/or for something that might be a better fit.
while the nature of the bagheadsponsor site is comedic, we are very serious about recovery. is clear that alcoholism and drug addiction are matters of life and death and should be taken seriously. therefore, we suggest that you get a sponsor and work the steps to save your life and to find a God that works for you. we also think it’s important to have a good time and laugh at ourselves, because laughter is truly great medicine.
3) if you are not 14 years old or older, you should stop using/visiting this site immediately because of the graphic nature of the topics and profanity we use. this is your responsibility and we are not liable for any damages to you for using this site against our policies.
4) this site is absolutely not AA, NA or any of the As. though we may reference those programs, this site is in no way affiliated with those programs and should be treated as an autonomous entity, as it is. we are proud of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs and are clear about the important and positive difference that work makes in the world. grateful for the transformation that continues to develop in our lives, we aspire that our website contributes to having the work of recovery shine brighter and touch more people as time goes by. any failure to live up to this aspiration is solely our responsibility and shall not reflect negatively in any way on AA or any other program. all complaints on our shortcomings should be addressed directly to us. and, as a side note- if you have a problem with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex etc, you should be going to one of those programs – this site is NOT a substitute for that work. (GSO has also requested that we make it clear that each anonymous program is distinct from any other anonymous program. in other words AA is NOT NA. NA is NOT OA. each of the program has a distinct purpose. for more on this, a great starting place is
this site does not represent the views, ideas or opinions of any recovery related program or organization, or any of its affiliated entities. 5) this site and/or anyone affiliated with this site is in no way responsible- legally, morally, or otherwise- for your sobriety from any substance or behavior, nor are we responsible for any decision you choose to make, the outcome of any decision you choose to make, your life, or your relationships. those are all your responsibility and should be treated as such. by visiting the site you are doing so on your own accord. this site is for entertainment purposes only and should not be viewed or utilized as an authority on alcoholism, drug addiction, or any other mental, emotional or physical illness or malady. if you suspect that you may have, or if you do have, a medical condition consult your physician. and it’s affiliates or contributors are not doctors, nor are they in the medical profession or experts of any kind. (5) Our mission is to SAVE LIVES. ONE EPISODE AT A TIME.

We got no problem telling you this: did our logo. she’ll do logos and artwork and design for you, too. check out her site

One of the core principals of is anonymity. The idea behind is to bring you messages of truth, hope, inspiration, hilarity, awe, intrigue and fun anonymously. We think that having the messages delivered in this way will be most effective and will eliminate prejudices that might otherwise stand in the way of the message. You can probably dig your heels in and figure out who we are, but with all sincerity we ask you not to do so. In the spirit of generosity and anonymity, let’s keep this fun and let go of who’s behind the bag. who really cares, right? the point is, it’s getting some important material out in the world. feel free to share it, argue it, complain about it, etc… just don’t blow it.

If you’ve read this far, good for you… Baghead got sober in 1992. Newcomer is not actually a newcomer (what?!) and got sober in 2006.

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