We need a Recovery Revolution

We Need a 12 Step Recovery Revolution
by BagheadSponsor
Man. We need a revolution! Now, adjust your underoos a little– I’m not
interested in changing anything. As a matter of fact, when I say
“revolution” I’m actually talking about the definition as follows (from my
handy dashboard widget) “rev•o•lu•tion : an instance of revolving ° the
single completion of an orbit or rotation. ” I’m talking about taking it
back to the old school, yo! I wanna learn from my elders! You?
There’s just something about talking with someone who has years of
experience in an area of life that is important to me. There is something
reassuring about taking guidance from someone who has what I want, because
I know that if I do what they do, I will get what they have. There’s
something comforting about knowing that the person I’m listening to has
been around long enough to see the results of certain actions and
decisions come to full fruition… or not.
Honestly, I’m really blessed. My spiritual advisor in my 12 step program
of choice (of which I may or may not be a member) has almost 30 years of
sobriety, and at any moment I can get in touch with people who have a
multitude of years off the sauce/junk to guide me. But, truth be told…
even I have had a difficult time, at times in my recovery, finding someone
who I really felt I could trust with certain important issues and/or for
whom I had respect. I’m not only thinking of myself here– I have 18+
years off the junkage and a pretty good idea of how to push through the
more common life challenges if I’m in a pickle. But, I have a great
concern for my fellows way out there in the boonies, trying to get
sober, whose only hope of keeping their head screwed on straight (or
screwed on at all) is talking to somebody else who’s just as cray-cray as
they are! I guess it works out okay in many cases. But, I have always been
told to seek out people who had what I wanted… What about the people out
there who don’t have access to anyone who has what they want? I say they
need access to the old-timers who have something worth sharing. I say I
should also get that access. And, I say you should get that access, too!
Truly, we are fortunate to have some solid literature in our various 12
step programs– I’m a full proponent of reading all of it and I think the
vast majority of answers to life’s conundrums can be found in there. I can
prove that I think that by sharing with you this music
video I made called It’s In The Book
. You should watch it because
it’s pretty awesome. But let’s get real here, people– nothing beats a
good ole’ fashioned one to one Q and A session with an old-timer!
I mean, am I the only person who worries about taking “sage” advice from
people who are just making sh*t up on the fly? Seriously– good
intentioned or not, it’s made up. I want to hear the facts of someone’s
experience. I want to know how things turned out. I want to hear about
trends in recovery and things that did and did not work! I want to hear
what the old-timers have to say! Shoot, I want to hear what the old
timers in London and Paris and Tenney, MN (that’s the smallest town in
America) have to say on important issues! Are you with me on this?
Okay, good. You’ve convinced me! I’m going to get something together,
then, for all of us. A revolution, if you will. I think I’ll call it
Revolution #1. I’ll let you know when I need your help. (You think I’m
kidding!) If you want to know more about what I’m planning over here, or
you already know that you want to help out with the Revolution #1, you
should email me and get on board. We’d love to have you!
Until then, here’s some sage advise from a girl with a bag for a head: Go
grab an old-timer and get as much of their experience under your cap as
possible! That’s what I do, every other Thursday at 11:30… and it can’t
be beat!
Until next time– don’t drink, drug, or try to off yourself!
Xoxo, BagheadSponsor

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