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Will AA Meetings Online Keep You Sober?

Will AA Meetings Online Keep You Sober?
by BagheadSponsor
Now, this is a tough one and I’m no expert. Although I do have my own show, which is pretty awesome. So, let’s just say this…
Let’s face facts here—the world is moving online. You can watch TV, movies, even live a second life on your computer. AA meetings online as well as NA meetings or Any A meetings online are helpful. Matter o’ fact, they very likely save a life or two every now and then. And that’s awesome. I mean, that’s what we aim to do with every episode of the BagheadSponsor show that’s online 24/7, and I think we do a decent job.
Online meetings are an amazing tool if you’re traveling to a foreign country, and you want to hear some AA speakers, NA speakers, or Al-Anon speakers sharing the solution in plain ole’ English. They’re also useful if you’re going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while where meetings are hard to come by.
But, here’s another fact– there’s something incredibly powerful about sitting down face to face with someone while you tell them the truth about yourself. And you just can’t get that online. Now, I’m not knocking meetings or recovery online one bit. But, the idea behind our show is that our videos will compliment a solid 12 step program—not replace it. And that’s what I think online meetings and recovery networks are good for—a supplement to a solid program that happens with real, live people, in person.
So, let’s boil this down, party people. Will online meetings keep you sober? Maybe. But, I’m interested in something a lot more than staying sober. I’m interested in shaking the hand of the new person, sipping on a cup of bad coffee, and sharing in the laughter and camaraderie that happens when I have my butt in a chair next to another person with their butt in a chair. In my opinion that experience is worth the drive.
So go hit a meeting of your choice! If you hit one today online, hit one tomorrow in person. Hey, it can’t hurt.
Xoxo, BagheadSponsor

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2 Responses to “Will AA Meetings Online Keep You Sober?”

  1. baghead says:

    True dat, Bluey! Hey, thanks for the comment. We love comments. xoxo, BagheadSponsor

  2. Bluey says:

    Well put. I see online meetings as like TV and the theater. TV is OK but you can’t beat the live show.

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