4 Responses to “Episode 20: Meeting Makers Make It! (Or do they?)”

  1. baghead says:

    GramaGoldilocks, you ROCKILOCKS! thank you for your comment… true that! xoxo, BagheadSponsor

  2. Great Work!! Thank you so much. Truly Bagalicious!!

    Alcohol’s Promise:

    I am more powerful than all the combined armies of the world.
    I have destroyed more people than all the wars of the nations.
    I have caused millions of accidents and wrecked more homes
    than all the floods, tornadoes and hurricanes put together.
    I am the world’s slickest thief, I steal billions of dollars each year.
    I find my victims among the rich and poor alike,
    the young, the strong and the weak.
    I loom up to such proportions that I cast a shadow over a field of labor.
    I am relentless, insidious, unpredictable and arrogant.
    I am everywhere; in the home, on the street, in the factory,
    in the office, on land and in the air.
    I bring sickness, poverty and even death.
    I give nothing and take all. 
    I am your worst enemy.
    I am alcohol. 
    I am patient and I am waiting.

  3. baghead says:

    Brilliant! Oh how I wish we had thought of that line! Thanks, Charley– in Jerusalem, eh? AWESOME! xoxo, BagheadSponsor

  4. charleyw says:

    Meeting makers make…meetings. BTW…June 1988 was a great time to get sober. I did.

    Another great show. Always look forward to it.

    Charley in Jerusalem

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