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Gifts of Sobriety. No, like, buying sobriety gifts.

Sobriety Gifts!
by BagheadSponsor

So, you’ve got a friend who is coming up on a big day; 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, etc and you want to get him or her a gift. I understand! We want to make sure our friends know how much we value their recovery. Be it sobriety gifts, clean gifts, still alive gifts, or I want you to get sober gifts, I’ve got some good ideas for you right here:

*Give them a flower for every day/month/year they have off the junk
*Get them a notebook for their daily 10th step work
*How bout a personalized t-shirt? Ex 1: I’d rather be here than cleaning up my own vomit. Ex 2: Someone in California wants me to get sober. Ex 3: I did it my way; that sucked.
*Send them a link to one of our BagheadSponsor episodes! Now that’s fun!
*Write them a letter about how much they mean to you, and the progress you’ve seen in them.
*Buy them a BagheadSponsor coffee mug or t-shirt for a real celebration! (Check out the “store” page)
*Get them something from our growing list of recommendations on the site, like a meditation pillow, prayer CD, journal, or great recovery book!
*Get them a year’s membership to a coffee/tea club.
*Throw them a surprise party.
*Give them a brand new big book of alcoholics anonymous. Never can hurt!
*Show up in comfy clothes, with cleaning supplies, ready to clean their house for them. (Feel free to swing by here on your way out.)
*Give them a great big ole’ hug.

Now these are just a few ideas… Food for thought, if you will. Will you? Thank you.

Hey, listen, we have hilarious recovery episodes going up all the time, so we’ll see you soon! Until then, don’t drink, drug, or try to off yourself.

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