6 Responses to “Episode 11: Telling it like it is… with Chris Raymer!”

  1. baghead says:

    David! Thanks so much for the comment; I love reading! So, our reply to you on this matter is as follows: we re-watched the show and Chris’ anonymity is fully intact— his name is Chris Raymer and he’s clean and sober. No harm done– that’s his prerogative (big word and that’s the correct spelling.) to say he is or isn’t clean and sober. Pretty much everybody knows that. But, nobody’s saying that he’s in, affiliated with, a part of, or associated with any specific 12 step program. He’s definitely not speaking for AA or any other A program. He is speaking about 12 step topics, however, which is what our show is all about. 12 step recovery. Again, thanks for the comment! It’s always good to double check on things like this. We love it! xoxo, BagheadSponsor

  2. David K says:

    Traditions check: even Chris R’s anonymity should be observed. If you don’t understand why, perhaps you should read some more of the AA literature about anonymity. In short, ‘principles before personalities’. Chris doesn’t speak for AA:

  3. baghead says:

    And we love YOU, MikeyBigBook!

  4. mikeybigbook says:

    Love it!…great stuff..

  5. baghead says:

    cool…. cool and deadly! especially with those white socks!! — b.s.

  6. Capt Z says:

    The grim reaper doing pushups…. and that STRUT at the end of the newscast…. absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably cooler than the other side of an eskimo’s pillow.

    Capt Z

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