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Episode 10 is here! : MUSIC IN RECOVERY

Episode 10: MUSIC in recovery! from BagheadSponsor on Vimeo.

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Music... we all love it. But what does it have to do with recovery? Musicians Sonia Lee and Patrick Haggerson share their musical talents with us, as well as a few thoughts on the role that music plays in our getting better. Here's some scoopage: You can check out all kinds of recovery music, including Sonia Lee and Patrick Haggerson, at -- they have cds about recovery, for recovery, and made by people in recovery! They have meditation cds, dvds, music cds that range from hip hop to country. Cool, eh? Patrick will be playing at the CADAAC annual conference this year: Sonia (a 2 time Kerrville Folk Festival finalist!) is interested in doing house concerts and you can check out her latest music video here: In the episode, Baghead danced to Chance To Start Over by Sonia Lee and A Third Step Prayer by Patrick Haggerson.


10 Responses to “Episode 10 is here! : MUSIC IN RECOVERY”

  1. baghead says:

    Thanks, Marc! Keep coming back…. we got tons more coming up! Thanks for your comment… -B.S.

  2. baghead says:


  3. baghead says:

    Thanks, Carina!! Yes, yes– if at all possible! -B.S.

  4. Carina says:

    What a bangin’ body you have in your concert, baghead! Is that silver sequin number going to reappear in a future episode? I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. elk says:

    Word. So true. Before I got sober I listened to mostly whiny indie-rock. Now, I pretty much only listen to dirty-ass southern rap. And it fills me with joy and new sense of empowerment. And that shit … with windows down, up real loud, blowin’ of steam, is where I found my god. Not exactly recovery music, but different from drinkin’ tunes. Yep. Jeezy and Lil’ Wayne have saved my sober-ass many times.

    Cause …

    I came so far from the bottom couldn’t even see the top just as soon as a fill the drought i’m rippin up every block … i’m a good god fearin’ man with a criminal mind state ain’t nobody gave a shit and that’s why we grind weight … my grandma off in the church while i’m in the refrigerator in search of the baking soda right next to the mashed potatoes…

    my ambitions as a hustla

  6. marc beauchamp says:

    Great episode!

    Marc B.

  7. baghead says:

    You flatter me, Captain Z! I’m glad we had the equipment to capture the performance. That was a huge arena. xoxo, Baghead

  8. baghead says:

    Thanks, JOY!!! You bring Joy to our hearts… xoxo, Baghead Sponsor

  9. Joy says:

    Awesome!! Fabulous show as usual! Love the song….. every show is like a masterpiece. Your message really is fully in the show and how much you care about peoples recovery comes across powerfully. I’m a big fan!

  10. Capt Z says:

    Didn’t I meet you at Woodstock 40 years ago? You kept singing that song about “Little Piece of my Heart”….but I didn’t get your name.

    Truly amazing stuff…the Captain is in awe… and suffering from a renewed, and more intense than ever, desire to be a male groupy….

    I love you both…. and nice ironic book selection on Newcomer’s part.

    Capt Z

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