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BagheadSponsor Episode 08: MEDITATION! YES! from BagheadSponsor

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Recovery Meditation Teacher, Mark Williams, discusses the how-tos, the benefits, and the value of meditation for people in recovery from any addiction. Newcomer is not at all interested. But, what's new? Oh, and it's funny. Also in this episode: God speaks, Newcomer tells a joke, and you get to meet our neighbor, Rod. If you'd like to ask Mark Williams a question, or if you'd like to set up a class etc you can reach him at:


25 Responses to “Episode: MEDITATION! YES”

  1. Kitty says:

    Um, well, not to sound less than spiritually correct, I beg to differ with Mark. Jeez! Scratch that itch! If you don’t, it will distract you through the whole meditation process!

    In addition, to your original questioner who has difficulty sitting still, I’d like to say that there are many, many ways to meditate. Some are like the one Mark describes, and some can be practiced in activity. For example: any activity which is slow, deliberate and conscious — like walking, gardening, even housework — can be meditative. Mindfullness is the key. If I take a walk and allow my mind to accept the grace of my Higher Power with each step, that is meditation. I have often walked with a cadence to the words of the Third Step Prayer.

    I am a longime meditator, qualified to teach meditation since taking intensive training (years ago). It happened to be the sit-down, deep relaxation variety, which I practice on a regular basis….but the same principals can be applied to activity.

    For the newcomer who has difficulty with sitting still, alignment of the spine, etc., I want to say “Don’t put meditation into a box.” You might practice a few moments daily with the sitting variety, but I encourage you to bring meditation and your Higher Power in many realms of activity.

    Namaste, y’all.

  2. Mackeran says:

    Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

  3. Donna M. says:


    A job well done. I’m very proud of you.
    Thanks to you and Baghead for spreading hope and love on to others. Everyone has a gift to offer and I truly believe that you have a gift to share and pass on to those who are willing to accept it.

    Great job!!!

  4. baghead says:

    Thanks, Brown! Sounds like a plan!

  5. baghead says:

    Eric, how awesome of you to comment— it’s amazing what recovery can do for the whole family, huh? It was a pleasure having Mark on the show!!! -Baghead Sponsor

  6. Eric W says:

    As Mark Williams brother, I can tell you that he truly believes in every word he says and is dedicated to making a positive impact in as many people’s lives as possible. He mentioned the “itch” analogy in this episode and I always get a kick out of the ones he comes up with – and he has a lot of them! Me and the whole family consider Mark’s life a blessing and we love him unconditionally – the helping recovering addicts part is a whole bunch of icing on top of the cake. He wants to do this for the rest of his life and we fully support his vision. Thank you guys for having him on your show. The video was hilarious and informative. I know Mark enjoyed the experience very much. Love ya’ Bro!

  7. Brown says:

    I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.

  8. baghead says:

    Thanks, Bird! Sorry about the video starting and stopping, and thanks for letting us know … 2 things about that– 1) we are considering changing the place we feed/stream from, but are waiting on a few last minute details before we make the switch and 2) maybe try allowing the vid to load all the way through before you watch, that way it will be less likely to have problems. Mark is great, huh? I agree 110%! Please know that he mentioned you are free to email him with questions– his email is below the post.
    Thanks for the comment!
    -Baghead Sponsor

  9. Bird says:

    Think this hits the nail on the head! Unfortunately the video kept stopping and starting over and over so that was distracting – but the content was fabulous and I really liked Mark Williams. Hope you’ll have a second video that actually shows the meditation teacher walking you through the meditation. I’ve started with 7 minutes and am feeling pretty proud although want to make sure I’m doing it right! Keep up the good work – love your site.

  10. baghead says:

    Thanks, Marc! You’re right about that— good stuff!!!

  11. Marc B says:

    Love it! If you have every worried about something, guess what? You can meditate. It’s just focused thinking. Focus on your breathing or pick a favorite mantra or saying. Maybe “Let go and let God” – start with 5 minutes a day and you’re on your way to a conscious connection with the infinite.

    - Good Luck – meditators!

  12. baghead says:

    joy- thank you!!! you feel free to tell the whole entire world about our show, k?! we love that!!! you’re great– thanks for your comments!

  13. Joy says:

    You are amazing!! Wow!! Love this!! I love sitting in God’s hands and the ending is hysterical….. your videos are so creative, and so well done. There truly amazing and so useful…. everyone person in AA in the world needs to know about this.

  14. baghead says:

    Gary! Glad you liked it!!! In answer to your question, I would give credit to God for the cramming– as usual. -B.S.

  15. Gary Lundquist- says:

    Incredible….unfriggin’believable…. how do you cram so much into such a short time frame? I loved the hand of God visual… I loved newcomer’s interaction counterpointing the thematic thrust…. I loved the analogy with the Itch…. ( apropos of which, I once heard a guy say….”sometimes we scratch shit that just don’t itch” )

    In summary, as usual…I loved it. Good golly this is great stuff.

    Captain Zippy

    PS- Can we guess who the comedian is? Nah, we don’t want to distract anyone from their meditative reflections…do we.

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