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Episode 4: FUN!

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WTF? Recovery should not be boring. Here's how to avoid that. Episode includes: Skydiving,Email to Newcomer, PDAP interview Here's the UR BORING LIST OF THINGS TO DO before you give up all hope: WORK THE STEPS! Take your head out of your ass and get to a meeting! Watch BagheadSponsor and tell all of your friends! Teach yourself to cook something and then bring it to the next meeting to share (unless it’s gross)! Learn ridiculous expressions in a new language (I recently learned “poop in my diaper” in sign language and use it all the time)! Go to an AA or NA or _A conference or ! Join and make some clean and sober friends online! (watch the episode on July 8th!) Find some great speakers online.. check out ! Invite your friends over for scary movie night and have someone scare the shit out of them while it’s getting really scary! Subscribe to a great magazine like “Ready Made” or something that gives your ideas for cool projects ! Join a gospel choir or at least go hear one sing their asses off! Write your life story (unless it’s boring)! Learn to clog or pretend you know how and put a video of yourself up on youtube! Look at THIS LIST: Oh My God Awesome! Look into your local or Mike’s PDAP in Austin at ! Make a t-shirt! Go swimming! Start or join a coffee club ! Exercise! Go bowling - granny rolls! Take a newcomer out to coffee! Bust your ass in Bikrham Yoga! Clean your nasty house! Make gifts for your friends, if you have any! Invite your friends from your favorite meetings to a potluck brunch at your house! Learn to build something out of wood or metal! Have a picnic! Tee off! Join a softball league! Sign up for anything with Landmark Education .com! Sign up for anything with Tony Robbins, or buy a CD set of his- you can see a lot of his stuff in our Baghead Strongly Suggests Store page ! Walk on Fire- google “firewalking” with your city and state! Do Breathwork classes or sessions- whew! Read something by David Sedaris! Make yourself an incredible mix of music that makes you dance or makes you happy! Rent a kayak for a moonlight kayak trip! Volunteer to set up and clean up at your home group! Volunteer at an old folk’s home! Volunteer at your church! Become a Big Brother or Big Sister! Go rollerblading! Rollerskating! Play air hockey! Ping Pong! Go Sky Diving! Go Indoor Sky Diving! Buy the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron! Clean out your car! Clear the clutter out of your closets, drawers, and life! Buy a bunch of postcards and mail them to people you love! Draw something! Go on a walk! Sign up for guitar lessons! Teach yourself to play piano! Join a hip hop dance crew! Start a hip hop dance crew! Lay out! Take a bath! Shoot some hoops! Race go carts! Go listen to live music in a coffee shop! Start a garden in your backyard or in your window! Walk a dog! Organize a city-wide scavenger hunt with your friends! Learn photoshop and get creative with your friends’ faces! Re-arrange your furniture! Paint your nails (especially the boys)! Paint your house! Make mix Cds for yourself and your friends! Start investigating a religion or spiritual practice! Have a costume or theme party! Go to an open mic night! Go perform at an open mic night! Sign up for an acting class! Hang a hammock in your yard or on your porch- swing in it! Go to the park! Take a beach or lake trip! Volunteer to be a dog foster parent, or help out at your local shelter! Search for funny videos online and then send them to your friends! Start your own Etsy shop! Refinish a piece of furniture! Learn Feng Shui and then feng shui your house! Start a bible study! Join a meditation group! Go see a movie in 3D! Fork a friend’s yard with an inspirational quote or affirmation! Frame your favorite photos and hang them on you designated “happy wall!” Go eat sushi and only eat things you’ve never had before! Buy a super cheap ticket to some random town and stay for the weekend! Drive for hours with your ipod on shuffle, or with a lot of mix tapes! Go on a bicycle ride! Go hiking! Take your dog to the dog park…. Or anywhere! Go out to a fancy restaurant for dessert only! Learn poker! Google, “list of fun things to do” and have a field day!


7 Responses to “Episode 4: FUN!”

  1. baghead says:

    Hey there, Michael… Thanks for the comment.
    I’m not sure if I’m going to post anything about this yet… Newcomer and I want to make sure to do it right if we do it, so…. we may post something about it a little later, or we may not, depending on how things roll out as time goes by. But, for the record- We LOVE Michael Jackson. (Also, to everyone… “Jenny” below, did post another comment about how she makes $5000/mo online… I did not approve it, so if you want to find out more about how she does that, you just let me know and I’ll hook you guys up. Not.)

  2. baghead says:

    Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny… are you a real person? Really? Or are you going to post something about viagra next time?

  3. Jenny says:

    Pretty good post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  4. baghead says:

    Joy, THANK YOU! I hear you have a pretty amazing show online, too!!!, right??? Hilarious and fantastic! (Watching your show is totally something we can do to keep ourselves from getting bored out of our minds!)

  5. baghead says:

    Elk… AWESOME LIST!! Thank you!!
    On Facebook, somebody also mentioned playing charades… oh so true. As well as Catch Phrase… I mean, talk about FUN. Get a big group together and Catch Phrase it up– you reeeeeeeally get to know people that way! Thanks for your comment!! -Baghead Sponsor

  6. Joy says:

    Wow! this show rock! love the list so you don’t get bored…. really well done. the show is excellent! A hit!

  7. elk says:

    Great episide. It took me forever to find things I like and I am still looking. Here are some more to add to the list. These are my favorite sober activities I have found to date….

    -check out the farmers market and then cook a big-ass breakfast
    -grab a good friend, go buy wigs, wear them around town and pretend your on a photo shoot
    -find a sport you like to watch (like b-ball or UFC) and become a super fan… this includes buying gear to match your team and possibly face painting
    -dance you ass off in your living room on a daily basis
    -throw a surprise party for you mom, and make sure to include delicious cake
    -drive to a border town, go to the flea market and buy as much awesome stuff as possible for $25 (this will go far)
    -while you are there get an amazing pinata and throw a fiesta when you get home
    -take up crosswords
    -don’t just learn poker, watch High Stakes Poker on You Tube and read Super Systems by Doyle
    -oyster bars (far better than booze bars)
    -go to New Orleans and dance in a second-line parade
    -be a sponsor
    -run a half-marathon
    -read and write again (for real)

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