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Episode 2: Knitting in Meetings

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Baghead Sponsor covers the topic: Is it okay to knit during meetings? Episode includes: Email reply Rap music video Reality Check


6 Responses to “Episode 2: Knitting in Meetings”

  1. baghead says:

    Vicky! Oh, you are the bomb! Thank you for having a sense of humor about the video and for not taking offense— Live and Let Live is right! That’ll keep us both clean and sober! (well, that and a lot of hard work and surrender.) xoxo, BagheadSponsor

  2. vicky says:

    Love this video. I don’t knit but I do needlepoint, which I love to do at meetings. It helps me to listen better b/c I am not looking around the room thinking who needs a haircut, who needs dental work & why does that old timer always sit in the front row at beginner’s meetings. So it helps with my resentments too!

    We are a sick bunch just trying to get better. We all do something that annoys the shi_ out of each other but the slogan “LIVE & LET LIVE” always helps.

    Great website & videos. We all need to laugh once in a while.


  3. baghead says:

    Charley– we are so glad u love the episode! It is, after all, for you! (and yours. and theirs.) And, thanks so much for your comment!
    This episode topic was actually one of our original inspirations for the show– we like to look at it as making lemons out of lemonade. Or… songs out of resentments. Either way, it works! Our hope is that the next time you see Your Knitter, I’d be willing to bet that instead of the thoughts like “I can’t believe someo–” you’ll be thinking: “CRAFTING A CRAFT! (clap clap.)” which is, overall, a lot more fun.
    xoxo, BagheadSponsor (and Newcomer)
    p.s. Thanks for checking out the site– there’s a lot more to come!!!

  4. charleyw says:

    After over 21 years of sobriety, you would think that by now I should know I’m never the only one that did anything, saw anything, or any anything. I thought I was the only one bothered by that woman who always sits across from me in the Friday afternoon meeting and KNITS! I’m thinkin’ , “if you’re doing something else…ANYTHING else…you’re not listening”. And then I’m thinking…”Charley…if you’re thinking all this….then YOU’RE not listening!” And let the resentments begin! I never said anything to anyone about it because I figured that was her side of the street. And then I got hooked on this website; saw this episode; and laughed out loud. Thanks. I love it here.

  5. baghead says:

    You got it… any time.

  6. elk says:

    Thanks for keepin’ real baghead. Real awesome.

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